When Personalized Learning Includes Skateboarding: One Suburban District’s Dramatic Transformation

By Mike Elsen-Rooney
July 10, 2017

This article, a case study of  Vista High School in San Diego, highlights the school’s move to personalized learning. Vista is seen as a high-profile national test run of a personalized-learning approach in a large, comprehensive public high school- the kind most U.S. students still attend. The article shares successes, challenges, and proposed improvements, such as more teacher training, as they move from the initial small scale pilot to school-wide personalized learning academies. The article also highlights the school’s flexibility and openness to student interests, documenting the introduction of a curriculum focused on skateboarding with classes and instruction that will cover competencies across several disciplines.

The article may be useful to school leaders and educators looking for examples of personalized learning implementation in its infant stage at a large high school with a diverse student population.

Source Organization: The Hechinger Report

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