Why Change Schools: Section One, Module B

By Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together
June 16, 2015

This module was designed to promote discussion and build support for student-centered education reform. It explores topics that can help move the participants from an individualistic view of education to a mental model which treats education as a common endeavor. It strives to leave participants with several important takeaways including the common purpose of education, the need to change schools with changing times, and an understanding of the ways that current neuroscience research on learning impacts education today. The 10 activities range from 20 minutes to one hour. It includes step-by-step facilitator instructions and all the materials needed such as quotes to respond to, or summaries of current neuroscience findings about learning. It also features several extension and alternative activities.

Check out Building Support for Student-Centered Learning: A Toolkit, for more communication tools to support student-centered approaches to learning.

Source Organization: Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together

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