Why Growth Mindset Isn’t Working in Schools…Yet

By Rupa Chandra Gupta
November 29, 2016

In this opinion piece, Rupa Chandra Gupta former Redesign administrator at a California middle school, and a founder of the growth tracking tool Sown to Grow, discusses the disconnect between teachers’ sense of the importance of teaching a growth mindset and their confidence that they have the strategies and support to do so. The author suggests that the common approach of teaching students lessons about neuroplasticity and positive encouragement to keep trying is not enough. She asserts that educators must focus more on teaching the process of learning and give students many opportunities to practice evaluation, reflection, and self-advocacy skills. In her opinion, teachers should not be the only ones suggesting and modifying learning strategies to meet students’ individual needs. Students themselves must learn to set achievable goals, track growth, and adjust their learning approaches when needed.

This article may serve as a discussion starter amongst educators to consider how to best help students experience, first-hand, the connection between their efforts and their academic progress, in order to truly instill a growth mindset.

Source Organization: EdSurge

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