Black Student Voices: Reflecting on Race and Racism in Schools

This Education Week series provides an opportunity for educators to hear from students directly regarding race and racism.

As thousands of students joined demonstrations across the country against police abuse, Education Week spoke with 10 Black high school students from every corner of the US about how issues of race and racism should be handled in schools. The series features videos of recorded conversations where students tell educators what they need in schools,… Read More ›

Using Social Justice to Promote Student Voice

Students needs a safe place to process and use their voices to learn to contribute positively to the national conversation about racism.

This article describes how a middle school teacher nurtures student voice by teaching students to articulate their views on topics they care about. The author describes an assignment during distance learning that asked students to look at the ways in which intersectionality and systemic issues played out in a topic they cared about. Issues of… Read More ›

Diversity Talks

Diversity Talks is a Rhode Island organization dedicated to bringing students to the forefront of conversations about race and equity. This group, founded by two students and a teacher, trains students to lead teacher professional development around race and diversity. The founders believe that to help schools address issues of inequality in education, students’ own voices… Read More ›

Eastside Students Write Books on How to Overcome a Pandemic

Middle school students in Bullitt County, KY describe their experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic, with links to each student's work.

This news article features stories written by a middle school class in Bullitt County, KY describing their experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic. The story discusses the class project to create ebooks documenting their experiences and provides links to each student’s work. This provides a great example of student’s experience in the Spring of 2020 in… Read More ›

Students Speak Out on COVID-19

This article, written by two high school seniors, describes their experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic. They provide thoughts on the impact on their future plans as well as ways they coped with uncertainty. They also explain what supports from teachers were most and least helpful. This article provides a great example of students’ experiences in… Read More ›

Students Are Demanding Anti-Racist Curriculum and Instruction

Students across the country are demanding their districts embrace more culturally diverse and explicitly anti-racist curriculum.

This article from Education Week’s Teacher blog discusses the important involvement of youth in recent social-justice demonstrations, petitions and demands. The article outlines the demands made by students in several different parts of the country for their respective school districts to embrace, including demands such as more culturally diverse and explicitly antiracist curriculum. Educators will… Read More ›

Supporting Students to be Independent Learners: State and District Actions

This report features actionable insights to help state policymakers encourage culturally and linguistically responsive education during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report asserts that culturally and linguistically responsive education helps students build a sense of connection to school and become independent learners. The skills that are hallmarks of independent learners – confidence, competence, and interpersonal skills… Read More ›

Planning for Success in the Fall Starts with Personalization

In this article, the author makes a strong case for the need for personalization to address the wide range of student needs next year. He asserts that the great concerns around equity that have been brought to the surface and exacerbated due to COVID-19 school closures can only be addressed if educators can commit to… Read More ›

Passion Projects Fuel Student-Driven Learning

In this article, a veteran teacher details how to engage students through a self-directed passion project. The author notes that for many students interest at the end of the year is lagging. The author provides detailed steps and tips to guide students through creation of projects on topics of their own choosing to engage them… Read More ›

How Student Agency Can Ease the Pain of Remote Learning and Teaching

This article looks at the advantages of encouraging student agency during remote learning. It looks at the benefits to student engagement and deep level learning, social-emotional well-being, and school operations. School leaders and teachers will appreciate the tips to jump start learner agency in each of these three categories. Source Organization: EdSurge Visit the Resource

Observations of Self-Directed Behavior in an Online Environment

In this article, a project director from the New Hampshire Learning Initiative discusses lessons learned during remote learning from educators and school leaders in NH. In past years NH schools have put emphasis on helping students develop the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and self-direction. This article explores the role of self-direction and… Read More ›

Learning in the Time of Corona: Fast Classes and Less Sleep

This article, written by a teacher at the Urban Assembly School for Math and Science for Young Women, an all-girls school serving grades 6 through 12 in downtown Brooklyn, N.Y., highlights student voices. The article features excerpts from interviews with students about their experiences with remote learning. The author hopes other educators can learn from… Read More ›