Exploring the Impact of Student-Centered Learning on Mathematics

female student doing math

What happens when a networked improvement community focuses on student-centered math instruction and the struggle for equity as they try to become students of their students’ thinking? The High Tech High Graduate School of Education research team presented their findings from a field-leading 2-year study in which teachers engaged in to test, refine and spread… Read More ›

3 Lessons from Students about Improving School Culture

This article describes the Youth Leadership Program developed at Vestavia Hills High School in Birmingham, Alabama to improve school climate and culture. The school committed to putting students in the drivers seat as well as ensuring the program was for all students not just a subsection of the traditionally most successful. School staff share the… Read More ›

When Equity and Student-Centered Learning Go Hand in Hand

student at the center

I spent two days at the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative meeting last week. Kudos to the Student at the Center team for integrating equity and student-centered learning so deeply that they were one and the same. I’ll share three highlights of the meeting: First, Eric Toshalis opened up the meeting with an acknowledgment that the meeting was taking place… Read More ›

Understanding implementation of proficiency-based education in Maine

Education Development Center (EDC) conducted this study as part of the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative’s initial cycle of research. The team at EDC worked alongside fellow scholars, educators and policymakers to investigate the impact of specific student-centered practices and then translate their findings for cross-sector audiences. EDC’s final report, Understanding Implementation of Proficiency-Based Education in… Read More ›

Key Teaching and Learning Shifts for Personalized Learning: Preparing for Success

This webinar recording focuses on the key teaching and learning shifts that occur in successful personalized learning settings over time from the perspective of students, teachers, and district and building leaders. It includes a discussion of the specific skills teachers and students use in many personalized learning settings, the key shifts in instructional planning and… Read More ›

Research Collaborative Seminar: Encouraging and Sustaining Competency-Based Learning Environments

The January installment of the Research Collaborative Seminar series features Paul Leather, former New Hampshire Deputy Commissioner of Education, Research Collaborative advisor, and nationally renowned leader in student-centered reforms. His presentation, “Encouraging and Sustaining Competency-Based Learning Environments: Lessons from New Hampshire,” focuses on what works, and, just as importantly, what doesn’t work when implementing competency-based… Read More ›

Students at the Center: Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind

This archived webinar from the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) discusses the book Students at the Center: Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind, written by Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda. The authors discuss the four attributes they feel are critical to personalized learning: voice, cocreation, social construction, and self-discovery. They note that a… Read More ›

Research Collaborative Seminar: Rehumanizing Mathematics Education

This Research Collaborative Seminar questions: How can educators rehumanize mathematics learning and establish assessments that serve as both a window and a mirror? The featured presenter in this video is Dr. Rochelle Gutiérrez, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Research has demonstrated that well-designed personalized… Read More ›

Aligning Competencies with the Common Core

This video from CompetencyWorks and iNACOL is a webinar about how Boston Day and Evening Academy (BDEA), a school designed to serve over-age and undercredited students, aligned their competencies to the Common Core State Standards. The video also elucidates how BDEA has fine-tuned its practices to accelerate learning for students with a wide differentiation of skills and… Read More ›

Tackling the Challenges of Rural Community Partners

This webinar began with a brief presentation about rural community organizing from Dr. Mara Tieken, assistant professor of education at Bates College. Then, the leaders of three rural community organizations – Richard Witt, executive director of Rural and Migrant Ministries in upstate New York; Helen Johnson, founder of Citizens for a Quality Education of Holmes… Read More ›

Working Together to Make Meaningful Parent Engagement

The goal of this webinar was to think through the roles of different education stakeholders in developing opportunities for parents from historically marginalized communities to meaningfully engage in school reform. Using her new book, A Cord of Three Strands, as a framework, Dr. Soo Hong from Wellesley College presented a new approach to parent engagement in… Read More ›

Starting Community-based Organizing Efforts Around Education

Lewis Finfer, the director of the Massachusetts Communities Action Network , and Camelle Scott-Mujahid, the director of Teach Our Children in New Haven, CT shared their experiences with education organizing. The goal of the webinar was for participants to get a better sense of what areas of work to prioritize in order to build organizing capacity,… Read More ›