Exploring the Impact of Student-Centered Learning on Mathematics

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What happens when a networked improvement community focuses on student-centered math instruction and the struggle for equity as they try to become students of their students’ thinking? The High Tech High Graduate School of Education research team presented their findings from a field-leading 2-year study in which teachers engaged in to test, refine and spread… Read More ›

Lesson Study: Resources for Administrators, Educators and Guardians

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In order to improve student learning, teachers need opportunities to observe and discuss instruction. Lesson study provides a structure for teachers to collaborate around pressing problems of practice and to engage in cycles of inquiry to explore the intersection of pedagogy and student learning. School Administrators Are you a school leader or department head who wants a… Read More ›

10 Drivers of Engagement You Can Use Right Now

Whether learning occurs in brick-and-mortar schools or in virtual environments, student engagement drives an impressive array of student outcomes. Eric Toshalis, Senior Director of Impact at KnowledgeWorks, uses research to present and explain ways educators can drive student engagement in their classrooms regardless of whether they are teaching virtually or in-person. In this paper, he… Read More ›

Making Dream Group Work an Everyday Reality

Ask math teachers what their ideal classroom looks and sounds like, and they will probably tell you about that one magical unicorn lesson where students worked collaboratively in groups and engaged in authentic mathematical debates that led to deeper learning for all. What is so special about those elusive lessons where group work…well, worked? And how… Read More ›

Leveraging the Power of Improvement Networks to Spread Lesson Study

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The High Tech High Graduate School of Education, in partnership with three Southern California school districts, will leverage lesson study within a networked improvement community (NIC) to explore how student-centered instruction and assessment strategies impact student mathematical understanding and achievement, particularly for Latinx and African American students. NICs, with their emphasis on scale and spread,… Read More ›

Abolishing the phrase “I’m not a math person”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoYRk08t4DA&feature=emb_logoHigh Tech High Graduate School of Education (HTH) conducted this study as part of the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative’s initial cycle of research. The team at HTH worked alongside fellow scholars, educators, and policymakers to investigate the impact of specific student-centered practices and then translate their findings for cross-sector audiences. HTH’s final report, Abolishing the… Read More ›

High Tech High Network Profile

At High Tech High schools in San Diego, students are evaluated on mastery of content-not time spent in class. Students engage in multi-disciplinary and field-based learning opportunities to build skills like critical thinking, problem solving and communication. Each teacher works to develop a personalized school culture, which is supported externally by a network of community… Read More ›

Visible Thinking Resources

This article, When Kids Have Structure for Thinking, Better Learning Emerges, looks deeply at how to best teach students about metacognition. It underscores the importance of thinking structures which, with continued use, provide concrete strategies to build thinking skills while deepening content learning. The article discusses work done by the Harvard Graduate School of Education Project Zero, which conducts… Read More ›

How Can We Abolish the Phrase “I’m Just Not a Math Person”?

This blog was originally posted on June 13, 2017 in Education Week’s Learning Deeply Blog Four teachers gather around a laptop to watch videos of their students working in groups to solve math problems. Using a protocol to guide their discussion, they pause the videos at opportune moments and practice providing strategic feedback. Their goal:… Read More ›

The Overwhelming Act of Assessing Writing in a CBE School

This article explores a writing workshop style that enhances a student’s writing experience and helps them to successfully go through the revision process and produce an even better piece of writing the next time around. Source Organization: Competency Works  Visit the Resource

Getting Smart Podcast | The Future of Blended Learning

This podcast looks at the future of blended learning, from the current issue of its multiple definitions, to schools leading in next-generation models; from the importance of blended and personalized learning for educators, to the growing importance of having a guiding vision for implementation. Source Organization: Getting Smart Visit the Resource