Students at the Center Hub Recommends: Smart Parents

By The Students at the Center Hub Team
November 13, 2015

The Students at the Center Hub team occasionally finds something that makes our lives much easier: a fantastic resource aligned with our framework, that we consider a go-to for a large portion of our audience. Smart Parents, a blog series on the site Getting Smart, provides people invested in their children’s education with a series of tips, tools, guides, how-tos, questions to ask, and conversation starters to help them better engage with their local school/district. Below are a few examples of the types of posts you might find there, but we encourage you to check out the whole site.

  • Smart List: Homework Help & Parent Organizing: Tyler Nataksu recognizes sources from across the web for homework help, as well as organizations informing and organizing parents.
  • Five ways that Parents Can Support STEM Learning : Sarah Cornelius and Megan Mead discuss the fact that parents have a huge impact on children’s success in STEM fields, and the family’s role in future generations’ ability to think critically and to solve problems persistently and empathetically.
  • What I Learned from my Daughter’s First “C”: Carri Schneider discusses speaking with her daughter about letter grades and struggling—even as a proponent of competency-based learning—to consider a C grade as an opportunity for growth, rather than a failure.
  • Why Parents Should Support Student-Centered Learning: Nicholas C. Donohue, president of the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and supporter of this site and Smart Parents, discusses why parents are so critical to supporting, recognizing, and advocating for student-centered learning.

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