Authentic Assessments Video Playlist

By Teaching Channel
May 11, 2018

The videos in this series all focus on formative assessments. They are part of Success at the Core, a free professional development toolkit designed to help school teams implement effective school leadership and teaching strategies that prepare all students for success in college and careers. Videos include middle school students:

  • using a system of colored cards to indicate understanding throughout a science lesson
  • assessing their own understanding and self selecting into groups in which the teacher provides different levels of scaffolding in an ELA class
  • working in small groups to review, revise, and reflect on homework in a math class
  • using a rubric to self assess quality of work in a math class
  • using a structured process to peer edit one another’s personal narrative drafts in an ELA class

These videos are a great peek into a classroom for other educators, showing students as active partners in the assessment process and teachers making real-time decisions based on assessment data. Also of interest are the reflection questions and supporting documents provided with each video.

Source Organization: Teaching Channel

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