Blended Learning and Expanded Learning Time at Morton Middle School

By The National Center on Time & Learning
May 16, 2017

This video, features interviews with students, teachers, and administrators from Morton Middle School in Fall River, MA discussing blended learning and an extended learning day. The video illustrates in-depth how math and ELA teacher teams have implemented a blended learning model, using station rotation and flexible grouping, within a 90 minute class period. Students discuss how the blended learning class has impacted them. Teachers share:

  • Their approach to lesson and class planning
  • Lessons learned during the transition
  • How administrators can support teachers in a blended learning environment

This video is a useful tool for educators to see blended learning and expanded learning in action. It provides an especially good look at the role of teachers and an honest account of what is needed to construct an effective blended learning model.

Source Organization: National Center on Time & Learning

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