Bronx Arena High School Multimedia Monograph

By Sydney Shaef and Antonia Rudenstine
February 7, 2017

This multimedia monograph features Bronx Arena High School, an innovative, competency-based school serving historically marginalized youth in New York City. The school’s mission is to empower over-age under-credited students to graduate ready for college or a career. The multimedia monograph is an interactive case study that features video interviews with students and staff.  It brings the staff’s commitment to positive youth development to life through sections on:

  • The school’s reimagined use of time
  • Curriculum and assessment models
  • Approach to teaching and learning
  • In-house student learning management tool
  • Evidence of success,

Education leaders and policymakers designing programs to reach over-age under-credited youth will find many ideas in this multimedia case study. Educators and students may also use the stories and examples to advocate for change.

Source Organization: reDesign

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