Catalyzing Equity Through Culturally Responsive Education and Competency-Based Education

This article introduces a tool and video created by the Mastery Collaborative, a program of the Office of Postsecondary Readiness in the New York City Department of Education, to help educators improve equity in their classrooms and schools. The Mastery Collaborative has identified how practices of culturally responsive education go hand-in-hand with mastery-based learning practices, as seen in this video.

The simple tool, Infusing CRE and Mastery in Your Classroom Practice, allows educators to evaluate their own facilitation, curriculum, and grading practices to identify implicit and explicit bias as well as systemic policies and patterns that perpetuate race-based inequities.

In order to ensure every student feels like their school is a safe, supportive, and inspiring learning environment, educators need to be able to identify where race is making a difference in children’s lives. After reading this article and watching the video, the tool could be used by small teams or pairs of educators to self evaluate and then extend the activity with thoughtful conversation and reflection.

Source Organization: Competency Works

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