Lesson Study Blog Series from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education

By Daisy Sharrock
April 15, 2020

This blog series documents how High Tech High Graduate School of Education’s network of schools became interested in lesson study. They have shared how their lesson study teams got started – by creating a shared vision of their hopes and dreams for students, determining a research question and theory of action, narrowing in on a specific content area for their research lesson, and then exploring the mathematical content and selecting a mathematical understanding goal and an equity goal for their research lessons.

This particular blog describes how observing student thinking can help educators learn how those different from us make sense of mathematical ideas! This resource can help teacher teams cultivate the ability to recognize important mathematical contributions from each student and support students in making connections between each other’s ideas to deepen their mathematical understanding. Closely observing student thinking provides an opportunity to grow these skills.

Source Organization: High Tech High Graduate School of Education

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