District Conditions for Scale: A Practical Guide for Scaling Personalized Learning

By Matt Williams, Jesse Moyer & Sarah Jenkins
October 25, 2016

In this toolkit by KnowledgeWorks the authors begin to explore how to move from isolated school models of student-centered learning to whole systems designed around personalized learning. Researchers at KnowledgeWorks examined existing research in the field and conducted primary research through interviews of more than 30 district superintendents and leadership teams from across the country who are leading system level change. Through this research, they identified 10 conditions district leadership should put into place in order to take personalized learning to scale. The authors discuss in detail each of the conditions which include curriculum, learning environment, student supports, professional development, and technology policy.

District leaders might read this report on their own to gather ideas, or could review it with a team to begin discussions or evaluation of their readiness-level in each area. Policy-makers could gain insights about alignment of supportive, flexible state policy to encourage these district conditions.

Source Organization: KnowledgeWorks

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