Harvard Family Research Project

By Harvard Family Research Project
July 8, 2015

This organization seeks to promote family and community involvement in children’s education anywhere and anytime they learn, be that in the home, at school, in community programs, or through digital media. To that end, the Harvard Family Research Project conducts research and documents promising practices, creates frameworks and policy papers, and provides tools for professional development. Its main research areas include complementary learning, family involvement, and out-of-school time with an emphasis on equity of access to learning opportunities. In addition they conduct research on emerging program evaluation techniques.

The site includes an overview/framework, description of current projects, and many resources developed by HFRP for each main topic area. The Family Involvement page also features a section on policy as well as professional development resources, including real world teaching cases. HFRP also offers web chats, web conferences, and discussion boards as well as two periodicals: the Family Involvement Network of Educators (FINE) newsletter featuring promising strategies and resources in family involvement research and practice, and the Evaluation Exchange which highlights emerging strategies and lessons for evaluating programs and policies focused on children, families, and communities.

Source Organization: Harvard Family Research Project

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