How Misconceptions About Competency Education Could Undermine Equity

By Chris Sturgis
June 13, 2016

This article, the third in a CompetencyWorks series on equity in personalized learning, explores implications of the misunderstanding and misuse of terms within competency-based and blended learning. The author asserts these misunderstanding can lead to poor implementation, inequitable practices, and lower achievement. He reviews four common misconceptions, such as failing to understand the difference between “flexible pacing” and fully implemented “competency education”. The author concludes that creating universal language and understanding is a critical step to ensure practices are implemented with fidelity and the move towards competency education leads to success for all students.

The article is a great resource to help educators and policy makers assess how they are using terms and think critically about making classrooms, schools, and learning more equitable.

Source Organization: CompetencyWorks

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