Incorporating 21st Century Skills in the Classroom (Video Tool Suite)

This Students at the Center Hub Video Tool Suite explores how teachers incorporate 21st century skills into core subject classes. What does it look like in action? How does this help prepare students for college and career, and enrich their core subject learning?

Incorporating 21st Century Skills in the Classroom (full video)

Watch the full video, or choose from the video segments below to delve deeper into each module.

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Full Video: 19:57

21st Century Learning: Module 1, Introduction 1: 2:12

In this module, learn how Revere High School in Revere MA is defining 21st century skills and why educators and administrators believe those skills are important for the future of their students.

21st Century Learning: Module 2, Designing the Learning Experience: 3:53

How can you design a learning experience – from classroom set-up to unit planning – in a way that promotes 21st century skills learning?


21st Century Learning: Module 3, Facilitating the Classroom: 4:31

Once you’ve designed your learning experience, what classroom facilitation moves can help promote 21st century skills learning?

21st Century Learning: Module 4 - Assessing and Reflecting on Learning: 4:48

Allowing space for students to assess their own learning and reflect on their progress is critical for 21st century skill-building. In this module, hear from educators and students on how to accomplish this assessment and reflection and why it is so important.

21st Century Learning: Module 5 - Providing Structural Support: 3:00

Though individual teachers are able to make great strides alone, any effort to implement student-centered learning is made easier and more effective with the help of structural supports. This module discusses the structural supports that help Revere High School educators infuse their core subject area classes with rich 21st century learning opportunities.

21st Century Learning: Module 6 - A New Vision for Teaching & Learning: 2:51

Why are 21st century skills important anyway? In this module, hear reflections from educators, administrators, and students.

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