Measuring Student Engagement in Upper Elementary Through High School

By REL SouthEast
January 13, 2011

This 2011 report from The Regional Education Laboratory SouthEast (REL Southeast) identifies tools for measuring student engagement in upper elementary through high school. These instruments were pulled from a variety of disciplines and assess the behavioral, emotional, and/or cognitive nature of engagement. They are divided into three types:

  • Student self-report questionnaires at either the school or class level
  • Teacher reports on students
  • Observation measures

The report summarizes what each measure, the purpose and uses, and technical information on reliability and validity.

The information on the range and types of instruments available will be useful to school and district leaders who want to assess student engagement. It is important to note that the report, though very informative, does not review the quality nor does it recommend any particular approach to measuring engagement.

Source Organization: REL SouthEast

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