Neuroscience & the Classroom: Making Connections

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Neuroscience & the Classroom: Making Connections is an online course on the implications of neuroscience research on education. Developed by Annenberg Learner, the course consists of six units and features researchers and famous case studies in neuroscience.

Audience: Educators, pre-service educators, professional development providers

Potential Use: Professional development – self-guided or group.

This course can be taken individually or in a group with a facilitator. Graduate and continuing education credits are available for a fee through Colorado State University.


The course modules can be completed individually or as a group. Suggestions for how to use these materials to facilitate a professional development workshop are available on the site, along with information on obtaining graduate and continuing education credits for a small fee.

Units include:

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Generally, it should take about two hours to read and view the videos for each of the units (assuming you go through it in a linear fashion). Completing the course as a professional development workshop or for credits (or doing the additional work on your own) requires completing several assignments and readings between units. Each unit has up to six assignments and several readings which the facilitator can choose from. Each reading or assignment may take an additional hour to complete.


No registration is required to access the course and it can be completed for no charge. However, to receive graduate credit or continuing education credits through Colorado State University for a fee. To learn how to register, select Graduate Credits or Continuing Education Credits from the pull down list under Professional Development in the main site menu.

Navigation Tips

Note that the menu along the right and across the bottom are the same, though sections are not listed in the exact same order.

Key Resources:

Video Overview: This video provides an excellent overview of the course.

About This Course: This page provides a clear overview of how this course is set up as well as information about the design and contributors.

Teaching Issues: This page lists eight key topics related to student learning such as “What is the connection between emotion and motivation?” and “How do my ideas about how the brain works affect my teaching?” Clicking on a question leads to a section of the course that contains more information. This is an excellent way to access some of the most relevant materials on the site if you do not have enough time to take the entire course. Access this section through the main course menu.


Teacher Talk: Though it currently doesn’t have much activity, this email discussion list can be used to review archives, share ideas and ask questions of others taking the course.

Teacher-Site Leader Discussion List: This is an email discussion list for anyone facilitating any of the Annenberg Learner courses.

How does this align with student-centered learning research and practice?

The determination to link the research to classroom practice, honoring the complexities of both, sets this resource apart. The research highlighted in Neuroscience & the Classroom aligns with that presented in the research synthesis found in Mind, Brain, and Education.

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