Personalization in Schools: Annotated Bibliography

December 5, 2013

Personalize annotatedStudents at the Center defines personalized learning as learning experiences that customize education to an individual’s personal needs and interests as well as connect the individual to adults and peers in a larger community of learners.

In Personalization in Schools (2012) Susan Yonezawa, Larry McClure, and Makeba Jones hone in on the aspect of personalization efforts that emphasize positive teacher-student relationships built upon teachers knowing their students well.

This annotated bibliography focuses on youth-adult relationships as a critical part of an approach that prioritizes personalization. The bibliography weaves together core findings from Personalization in Schools with commentary on a set of current, text-based and publicly downloadable materials that can help educators and community members as they attempt to foster those relationships critical for moving towards a truly personalized education for the youth they serve. Some of these materials are referenced and discussed explicitly in the report. Some are newly introduced here. While not a comprehensive list of resources, all have been selected with educators in particular in mind.

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