Pioneering the New Way of Learning: Learner Agency and Opportunity

By David Clark, Natasha Taylor
September 14, 2017

This article introduces a framework that explores learner agency and student motivation. The article is written by two students from the Leadership Board of GripTape, a youth-led organization that works to build a network and share the message that all youth have the potential and capacity to learn anything they want. The framework discusses the factors needed to enable and maintain productive and positive learner agency, addressing both internal and contextual motivations and influences.

The learning agency and opportunity framework can help anyone working with youth better understand how environment, personal experiences, mindsets, passions, etc,  impact a young person’s development as a lifelong learner. The voice of youth brings additional validity, reminding adults that every young person is capable of learning when given resources, opportunity, and attention.

Source Organization: iNacol

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