Quality Counts 2020

By Education Week
February 10, 2020

Every year, Education Week releases a Quality Counts report which examines state-level efforts to improve public education and pulls together a large number of statistics to create a picture of progress in each state. A National Summary Report and State Highlight Reports rank each state using the Chance-for-Success Index, which looks at 13 family, school, and socioeconomic indicators to better understand the role of education across an individual’s lifetime.

This report will help policymakers, education leaders, community members, and families gain a better understanding of how their state education programs compare to others in the country. Several articles provide additional analysis, including an overview of common factors contributing to the success in top-performing states and a look at hurdles in the lowest-performing states. Past year’s reports are also available on the site to help gauge progress over time. This report is the first of three which will be rolled out over the course of the year.

Source Organization: Education Week

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