School Closure Toolkit for Teachers

By Amanda Dorris

Teachers and parents across the country are taking on new and intimidating things this week. While exhausted from taking care of families, we are trying to provide some stability for the kids’ no longer in the classroom. Many of us feel unclear about our role in the delivery of online learning, and expectations seem to change by the minute. Uncertainty is what we all have in common right now. 

So, I am advocating we collectively take a big breath in and step back to consider the big picture of what we want and need to get out of this potentially lengthy period of school closures. My professional self and my parent-self tell me the same thing. 

We need to make this experience as student-centered as we can by empowering kids to:

  • Let their curiosity and passions lead their learning
  • Be creative and make things
  • Connect learning at the kitchen table to the outside world
  • Raise their voice
  • Build and maintain relationships
  • Direct their own learning

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