Separating the Facts from the Myths in the Competency-Based High School Transcript

By Brian Stack
July 19, 2018

This article discusses many misconceptions about competency-based transcripts. As more schools and districts move towards mastery-based assessment systems, transcripts must capture student learning in a fuller way. However, many families, students, and members of the community have concerns that these new transcripts will be hard to read or hurt students’ chances of getting into college. Brian Stack, Principal of Sanborn Regional High School in Kingston, New Hampshire and advocate of personalized learning and competency-based assessment, addresses three common concerns in this article.

This blog article by the author further explores parents’ fears about the impact of competency-based transcripts on college admissions. This sample transcript from KnowledgeWorks could also be a useful tool to review along with these articles. Together these resources could provide a good overview for any parent or student in a school moving to a competency-based transcript. They could all be used by administrators, educators, and counselors preparing to speak with parents.

Source Organization: CompetencyWorks

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