Student-Centered Learning Self-Reflection Tool

By Mary Bellavance

The Student-Centered Learning Self-Reflection Tool was created by Mary Bellavance, Instructional Coach at Biddeford Middle School and Students at the Center Distinguished Fellow alum, during the 2017-18 academic year to support teachers, coaches, and school leaders as they implement student-centered learning (SCL) practices in their learning environments.

This tool is organized around the four research-based tenets of SCL as defined by the Students at the Center Framework: competency-based learning, personalized learning, student-owned learning, and anytime-anywhere learning.

Biddeford Middle School Staff has been working diligently over the past several years to make the transition to personalized, proficiency-based teaching and learning. Staff received training from the Reinventing Schools Division of Marzano Research and Competency Based Education Solutions, as well as personalized, professional learning sessions created and facilitated by Biddeford Middle School staff. In addition, instructional and peer coaches provided embedded professional development driven by goals for student learning. All of this content was synthesized to create the indicators under each student-centered learning tenet within this tool.

This tool will be introduced to new staff members each year and returning staff will continue to use it as a roadmap for the implementation of student-centered learning practices in their classrooms. As SCL practices are analyzed, this tool will be updated to reflect new research into best SCL practices.

Access the Tool

This tool is live and welcoming comments! Add your comments to sections that you find particularly helpful, note areas for expansion, and download the current version for your own use.

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