Student Experiences with Student Centered Learning

By Meriden Public Schools
June 18, 2015

This video series highlights the experiences of students in Meriden Public Schools in Connecticut. The first video provides an overview of students’ thoughts on several key components of student-centered learning: collaboration, use of technology, choice, real world application, and voice/communication. The following nine video clips each feature a student. Students discuss the use of technology at the school, including iPads for taking notes, using twitter in the classroom, and accessing education applications such as Edmodo to get content and connect with teachers and classmates in and out-of-school time. Students also discuss their individualized courses called personalized learning experiences (PLEs) on topics ranging from theater to construction and banking.

These clips would be appropriate to share with parents, students, educators new to the concepts, and the general public to gain support for student-centered learning.

Source Organization: Meriden Public Schools

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