Students LEAD

By NC State University
March 8, 2018

This online course was designed for high school students by the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State University to help them understand and advocate for their own learning needs.  Specifically, the course will help students:

  • Understand their own learning and learning differences
  • Develop and apply strategies to strengthen their own learning
  • Gain strategies for partnering with educators and parents to ensure they receive the support they need
  • Engage in discussions with other students

This online course is designed for any student 13 or older. It is self paced and will take approximately 4 hours to complete. It can be done independently or as part of a class. Educators can also register to take the course along with students and the website includes a helpful Information for Student Allies for teachers, parents, or other youth advocates who want to know more. The article, Empowering Students to Understand and Advocate for Their Own Learning Differences, also provides more information about the course and makes strong argument for teaching students to advocate for their own learning needs.

Source Organization: NC State University

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