The Courage to Confront Equity Issues in Competency Education

By Chris Sturgis
December 17, 2014

This article discusses the importance of maintaining conversations about equity as the field moves towards more learner-centered models. It makes compelling arguments for thinking about and working to alleviate five key equity concerns:

  • Keeping students in school
  • Addressing inequity in educational/social capital
  • Balancing personal choices and equity in the transition from high school to life
  • Language as asset and advantage
  • Overcoming racism

The author asserts the importance of constantly analyzing new approaches with an equity lens to guard against inadvertently perpetuating inequalities. He also notes that identifying, discussing, and working to rectify these issues will help continuously nurture respect and trust; so that educators can partners with students, families, and communities to resolve issues as they develop.

This article is a valuable conversation starter around the ongoing issues of equity and could be used by anyone in the field to analyze the potential of new initiatives to either alleviate or perpetuate ongoing equity concerns.

Source Organization: CompetencyWorks

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