The Influence of Teaching Beyond Standardized Test Scores: Engagement, Mindsets, and Agency

By Ronald F. Ferguson, Sarah F. Phillips, Jacob F. S. Rowley & Jocelyn W. Friedlander

This report was sponsored by the Raikes Foundation. It is a follow-up to “Teaching Adolescents to Become Learners – the Role of Noncognitive Factors in Shaping School Performance: A Critical Literature Review,” a CCSR report written in 2012. This report is in response to a “need for more research on the role of school and classroom context in students’ development and demonstration of noncognitive factors.”

This report presents evidence concerning the influence of teachers on the development of what the first CCSR report called “noncognitive factors” and what their most recent report calls “foundational components and key factors,” prominent among which is agency.

Source Organization: The Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University 

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