The MyWays Initiative

By Next Generation Learning Challenge (NGLC)
June 17, 2017

MyWays is an initiative of Next Generation Learning Challenge (NGLC). It is an effort to synthesize a broader, deeper definition of student success: success for learning, working, and living in the fast-changing world facing today’s youth. The initiative seeks to help school communities address big questions in education today by:

  • Fully understanding why a changing world requires reimagining our public schools
  • Redefining the skills, knowledge, and habits of success students need to develop if they are to thrive
  • Redesigning school, learning, and assessment models to proactively support students’ development of those competencies

The centerpiece of this initiative is the MyWays Student Success Framework, a synthesis of 20 competencies for success in learning, work, and life.  The framework, online community, and resources on the website can help a school or district team  launch a school-change initiative and reimagine learning and assessment designs. The following tools may be of particular interest.

The MyWays Student Success Series illustrates how research and practice converge to create the foundation for MyWays. This series of reports explores a large number of topics critical to student success in a changing world. The reports are organized under three larger categories:

  • Adolescence in an Age of Accelerations
  • Broader, Deeper Competencies
  • Redesigning the Learning Experience

The MyWays Toolkit can help a team support change efforts. The kit includes the needed tools and instructions to conduct five exercises to help schools and their wider communities define success and align learning and assessment designs to the student competencies outlined in the MyWays Student Success Framework.

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