To Engage Students and Teachers, Treat Core Subjects Like Extracurriculars

By Leah Shaffer
September 3, 2017

This article shares varied examples from schools across the country that have implemented a project-based learning model in which core classes mimic extracurricular projects and activities. Researchers Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine have been observing school systems over six years to try to understand what promotes deeper learning. They found that in many school environments students were most engaged in elective courses and extracurricular activities. The examples in this article illustrate their research findings.

This article shares best practices for bringing the passion students have for electives into core subjects like Math and English.  It is is a useful read to help educators build a keener understanding of what can motivate students. It could begin a conversation about using project-based learning to engage students in all subject areas and demonstrate mastery in diverse ways.

Source Organization: KQED

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