Transforming Teaching: What University Presidents and Deans of Colleges of Education Need to Know about Modernizing the K-12 Educator Workforce

By Katherine Casey
January 15, 2020

This issue brief outlines how university presidents and deans of colleges of education can use their influence to advance changes in the teaching profession to support more student-centered learning. In particular, it challenges institutions of higher learning to:

  • Diversify the educator workforce
  • Modernize teacher preparation
  • Promote continuous professional learning and development

This brief builds on the issues outlined in the seminal piece, Moving Toward Mastery: Growing, Developing and Sustaining Educators for Competency-Based Education which higher education leaders will also want to check out. This brief is bolstered by two others in the series which examine the role of federal and state policy makers in the revolution of the teaching profession.

Source Organization: Aurora Institute

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