Promising Practices and Recommendations for Designing Dual Enrollment for Students from Special Populations

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In Dual Enrollment for Students from Special Populations: Improving College Transitions for English Learners, Students with Disabilities, Foster Youth and Young People Experiencing Homelessness, JFF explores promising practices and recommendations for designing dual enrollment with the assets and needs of these students at the center. Interest in dual enrollment opportunities in California is at an all-time high, enough… Read More ›

Report on Promising Practices to Accelerate Learning for Students with Disabilities

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What are proven, effective models and considerations for student populations who have been historically marginalized, especially students with disabilities? A new report from the National Center for Learning Disabilities looks at just that, with emphasis on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected opportunity gaps for those students. The student-centered approaches they found to work include:… Read More ›

10 Drivers of Engagement You Can Use Right Now

Whether learning occurs in brick-and-mortar schools or in virtual environments, student engagement drives an impressive array of student outcomes. Eric Toshalis, Senior Director of Impact at KnowledgeWorks, uses research to present and explain ways educators can drive student engagement in their classrooms regardless of whether they are teaching virtually or in-person. Below is a list of resources… Read More ›

The Resources You Loved in 2020


We can all agree 2020 was a difficult year. But it did bring many opportunities for change, and Students at the Center has been here to offer a guiding hand. We hope you’ve found at least one thing to help you build a more resilient, equitable future for your classrooms and schools. Here are your… Read More ›

Digital Learning Day Resources

Digital Learning Day, started in 2012, is a yearly event to highlight great teaching practice and showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs that are improving student outcomes. Schools across the country can plan their own activities to celebrate digital learning and share these ideas with other practitioners through an interactive map. To help… Read More ›

Youth Action Researchers at the Intersection – A Story Begins!

For most of us who work in education reform, we strive to pursue education equity and eliminate the opportunity gap so that all students can flourish. But predominant policies and approaches persistently fail to move the needle on student outcomes. Within all these efforts that aspire for equity and inclusive excellence, what role do students… Read More ›

Exploring the Impact of Personalized Learning on Student Outcomes

  We believe in the power of personalized, competency-based learning because we want each and every student to learn and be challenged as individuals. We believe it is the path toward equitable outcomes for ALL students. We intuitively understand that having clear learning targets, meaningful and flexible assessments, personalized student supports, and student ownership of their own… Read More ›

Transforming Research by Having Students Lead the Investigations

What voice is missing from these discussions? All too often, it’s the student voice. 

In the education world, well-intentioned adults often gather to discuss evidence-based instructional techniques they intend to implement to improve student outcomes. Educators, administrators, non-profit leaders, and policy officials huddle—sometimes together, sometimes separately—to consider best practices and greatest impact. They ask questions like “How can we reach all students? How can we prepare for them for… Read More ›

Researching the Effects of Culturally Responsive Mastery-Based Education

Every year, there are renewed calls to improve, reform and reinvent public education for all students, and particularly for marginalized students. In efforts to transform educational experiences for students of color, students with disabilities and linguistically diverse students, innovative approaches are imagined (or more often, reimagined) in an effort to address the challenges that these… Read More ›

Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools

This organization connects forward-thinking district leaders from across the country. Members work together on shared priorities, partnering with leading entrepreneurs, researchers, and education leaders to improve outcomes for students and solve challenges facing K-12 schools through learning technology and research. The League of Innovative Schools is: A network of superintendents and district leaders leveraging technology to… Read More ›

When Equity and Student-Centered Learning Go Hand in Hand

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I spent two days at the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative meeting last week. Kudos to the Student at the Center team for integrating equity and student-centered learning so deeply that they were one and the same. I’ll share three highlights of the meeting: First, Eric Toshalis opened up the meeting with an acknowledgment that the meeting was taking place… Read More ›