Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships

This tool is an update of the groundbreaking framework for family-school partnerships, designed in 2014 by researcher and family engagement expert Karen Mapp, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education and the Southwest Educational Development Lab. The revisions were made after several years of research which point to the pivotal role of trust in… Read More ›

The Six Secrets to More Successful Partnership Between Students and Teachers

Educators work on behalf of their students every day, but some of the richest learning opportunities arise when educators take it a step further and actually partner with students to address a local issue. Drawn from decades of experience studying and leading youth-adult partnerships, Students at the Center Distinguished Fellow Dana Mitra provides six secrets educators can… Read More ›

The Seven Principles for Inclusive Education

This framework outlines seven principles that can serve as a foundation for teacher training and professional development focused on equity. The framework was developed by Tanenbaum, an organization that works to combat religious discrimination and hate. It comes in both a two-page, and an in-depth format filled with strategies and suggestions. Some of the principles include: How… Read More ›

Growing Into The Framework: A District’s CBE Implementation Strategy

This article shares five phases of implementation of competency-based education, using the Mesa County Valley School District 51‘s (D51) first year of implementation to illustrate the process. The phases include: Laying the foundation Supporting effective practices Building performance-based system Beginning personalized learning Refining our system Information tables include detailed steps to achieve the phase and outline what needs… Read More ›

Mom, Can You Pleeeease Record Me?

This opinion blog by Lisa Westman, an instructional coach specializing in differentiation for Skokie School District 73.5 in suburban Chicago, discusses ways to harness video recording in the classroom. She asserts that teachers can capitalize on students frequent use of video recording in their personal lives. A graphic outlines several ways teachers can use video to demonstrate learning, track… Read More ›

Brainy Approaches to Learning

We know that each student is unique, but what about each student’s brain? This new Students at the Center infographic draws on the research from Mind, Brain, and Education to depict the brain science behind student-centered approaches to learning.     Access the Resource →