A New Reality: Getting Remote Learning Right

This special report issues of Educational Leadership from ASCD focuses on remote learning. It features a variety of articles looking at the shift to remote learning caused by the COVID 19 crisis. Topics include tips for building community, helping students cope with anxiety, and supporting students with IEPs. The articles will interest teachers, education leaders,… Read More ›

Teaching Students to Think About Thinking

The articles in this issue of ASCDExpress explore metacognition, the ability to understand ones own mental processes and to monitor and influence them. The authors provide both general suggestions for promoting metacognitive awareness and regulation, as well as specific ideas tailored to particular subject areas. Read as a whole this collection of articles offers many… Read More ›

S’Cool Tools

Each week, EdSurge features 2-3 of the latest education technology tools developed for schools and learning. Many of the tools have been recommended for inclusion by teachers. Posts include a short description, information about pricing, and links to additional articles often written by teachers who have used the tool. Many of the tools featured are free… Read More ›

Expanding Opportunity: The Potential of Anywhere, Anytime Learning

This issue of the Family Involvement Network of Educators newsletter explores the importance of engaging families in anytime, anywhere learning. There is growing understanding of the importance of inequalities in access to interest-driven learning out of the traditional school day in afterschool and summer activities and programs, at cultural institutions, and through digital media. However,… Read More ›

Putting Students at the Center: A Reference Guide

Today, we know more than ever about how students learn. Education researchers have identified key components of college and career readiness, while research in the cognitive sciences has revealed the neurological pathways of effective learning and shown how it affects the brain. This reference guide from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation delves deep into the principles… Read More ›

What is Student-Centered Learning? (brochure)

Why should education be one-size fits all? Learning doesn’t stop when the final bell rings. Does your brain only work when you’re sitting in a chair? How do we prepare today’s learners for tomorrow’s economy? Learn more about student-centered learning from this Nellie Mae Education brochure.   Download this brochure >

Students at the Center Newsletter- May 2014

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