Visioning Toolkit: Laying the Groundwork for a Community-Wide Vision for Personalized Learning

A district’s vision is central to everything they do and everything they hope to accomplish. If you really want to change the system, a vision must be created by and lived throughout your community.

In this toolkit you’ll find the following resources to help you begin and sustain the work of implementing personalized learning: Guidance on crafting a system-wide vision for personalized learning, incorporating diverse stakeholder voices Questions and considerations for finding the right people to champion the work of personalizing learning Direction on how to identify factors that may impact… Read More ›

Student-Centered Practice & Innovation: Stories from New England

Explore Examples of Student-Centered Learning in Action in New England One of our goals at Students at the Center Hub is to amplify and track the implementation, progress, and impact of student-centered, personalized approaches to learning. New England schools and districts have been at the forefront of creating learning environments that elevate learners while supporting… Read More ›

Background on Equity Resource Bundle

To help shape the future direction of our work and ensure that equity is always at the forefront, SATC had an outside group conduct an Equity Evaluation Report. As part of this analysis, the group reviewed all of the resources catalogued in the HUB database to identify whether the HUB was providing enough resources on… Read More ›

Tech-based Student Support Resources

To complement our School Counselor Advocacy Letter[/popup_trigger],the Students at the Center Hub team curated a set of tech-based tools particularly suited for counselors wishing to improve communication strategies and documentation with students and teachers. Based on feedback gathered from New England-based counselors, we developed a menu of web-based resources to respond to the counselors’ interest… Read More ›