Students at the Center Framework

Student-Centered Learning Resources and Research: Helping each student experience meaningful opportunities to realize their fullest potential.

An Investigation into Culturally Responsive Mastery-Based Education

Culturally responsive and mastery-based education are two distinct student-centered practices. Read more about the research study that dove into how they can work together. Learn More ›

Students at the Center Distinguished Fellowship

Five educators participated in the fellowship, researching and implementing student-centered practices that promote equity in their schools. Read about them and their work. Learn More ›

Educator Competencies for Learner-Centered Environments

Explore the tool that identifies the knowledge and skills needed for educators to create and thrive in learner-centered environments. Learn More ›

Advancing Student-Led Research: The YARI Project

Explore more information about our student-led research project featuring youth who have been historically marginalized by traditional school structures and policies. Learn More ›

REMIQS: An Equity-Focused Research Project

Visit to learn more about our multi-state, stakeholder-driven research devoted to identifying how we best serve our vulnerable learners. Learn More ›

Teaching Solutions

Teaching Solutions

Educator competencies for creating and thriving in personalized, learner-centered systems

Advocacy and Policy

Advocacy Solutions

Resources for advocating or creating policy for personalized, learner-centered systems

Research Solutions

Research Solutions

Education and policy research for personalized, competency-based learning frameworks


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