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Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative
Conducting new and innovative research to answer some of the biggest questions around student-centered learning and its benefits and challenges.
Educator Competencies
Discover what educators need in order to create and thrive in learner-centered systems in the 21st century.
Our latest selection of high-quality educational materials for educators, researchers and policymakers.
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Our current research projects focused on student-centered and equity-driven research and practices.


Story as Salve: The Impact of Sharing Lived Experience in Youth Voice Work

Photo Credit: Celia Herrera / URBN Brands I am so tired of being confused. All those years of knowledge, and still I lose. Is it C or B? Should I choose A or D? I second guess myself; …

Published: May 26, 2020

Topics: Equity and Diverse Learners, Student Voice, Student-Centered Learning

Not a Normal Convening but What’s Normal Anyway?

The Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative hosted its bi-annual grantee convening May 7-8. Our original plans were to meet in Philadelphia and visit with student activists and educators, but like so many of us are doing …

Published: May 13, 2020

Topics: Educational Research, Equity and Diverse Learners, Leadership

Ensuring Student-Centered Opportunities for All Students

I trust it is the hope of every principal that the educational debt Ladson-Billings refers to is resolved at the end of each academic year and that all students have achieved equitable learning outcomes. But …

Published: April 23, 2020

Topics: Community, Culture and Leadership, Engagement

What We Know about Successful Instruction in a Digital Environment

Earlier this week, I read this post on Facebook, and it got me thinking… Attention Parents: As we move closer to embarking on what is being called “remote teaching,” I am asking my Facebook friends to refrain …

Published: April 10, 2020

Topics: Curriculum & Instruction, Education Technology, Educators

Teacher Resources While Social Distancing

Empowering student-centered learning in new ways Never have my two worlds collided in such a big way. I have worked in education research for the last 20 years and spent the last several curating the Students …

Published: March 27, 2020

Topics: Anytime Anywhere, Authentic Learning, Community

Scaling is All the Rage, but How Do You Make It Happen?

It’s fall 2017 in New Hampshire. The state’s Performance Assessment for Competency-based Education (PACE) system is entering its third year. Using this alternative state accountability system, 150 teachers in nine school districts have created 14 …

Published: March 13, 2020

Topics: 21st Century Skills, Alternative Assessments, College & Career Readiness



Measuring and Improving Student-Centered Learning Toolkit

The Measuring and Improving Student-Centered Learning (MISCL) Toolkit is designed to help school practitioners or other stakeholders measure, understand and reflect upon the extent of student-centered learning (SCL) in high schools. It enables data collection …

Published: June 05, 2020

Topics: Alternative Assessments, Curriculum & Instruction, Educators

What Will Schools Do in the Fall? Here Are 4 Possible Scenarios

This article discusses the ways in which schools might deliver instruction in the fall of 2020 after school closures. This clear article outlines four possible scenarios for instruction that include varying mixes of in-person and …

Published: June 04, 2020

Topics: District Leaders, Educators, Remote Learning

How to Foster a Positive School Climate in a Virtual World

This article discusses the importance of creating a positive school climate, especially during distance learning. The author details ways to improve culture in four main areas: physical and emotional safety, respect for diversity and equity, …

Published: June 04, 2020

Topics: Culture and Leadership, Remote Learning, School Leaders

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