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What is Student-Centered Learning?
Personalized Learning Personalized Learning
Anytime, Anywhere Anytime, Anywhere
Competency Education Competency Education
Student-Owned Learning Student-Owned Learning

Student-Centered Learning in New England


We're tracking schools and community-based organization across New England that are currently supporting and/or implementing student-centered learning practices. We need your help to keep this resource up-to-date, please let us know if you'd like your school or organization added.

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The end of November is always crunch time. Between finishing projects, producing research, educating students, fighting for social justice and planning for the holidays, it’s never quiet. Recognizing this reality makes the team at KnowledgeWorks’ Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative especially grateful for our inspiring Distinguished Fellows, researchers and funders who … Read More »

Asking Big Questions

Driving home from grocery shopping the other day, my seven-year-old released a long, dramatic sigh and proceeded to tell me that, “Sometimes my head is just so tired by the end of the day because it's spent … Read More »

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Our Framework

Working together, educators, parents, and students customize instruction as much as possible to students’ individual developmental needs, skills, and interests. Students develop connections to each other, their teachers, and other adults that support their learning.

Students have equitable options to learn outside of the typical school schedule and away from the campus. Whether that means studying on line, completing an internship over the summer, or taking advantage of some other out-of-school opportunity, they can receive credit for the knowledge and skills they master.

Students move ahead in the curriculum based not on the number of hours they spend in the classroom but, primarily, on their ability to demonstrate that they have reached key milestones along the path to mastery of core competencies and bodies of knowledge.

Students gain increased understanding of and responsibility for their own learning via frequent opportunities to decide such things as the topics they study, the books they read, the projects they pursue, and the curricular pathways they take en route to meeting college and career ready standards.

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