Coming Soon: New Findings from the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative

By Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative
September 7, 2018

Leaders in education rarely have the bandwidth to comb through technical studies in order to apply research findings in their classroom. JFF’s Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative is cutting through the clutter to deliver useful research findings presented in actionable ways. If you’re an educator, administrator, district leader, or state-level official interested in using student-centered learning to elevate and achieve equity in academic outcomes, we’ve got what you need.

Coming this fall the Research Collaborative is releasing a new series of findings that will influence and shape the field of student-centered learning. At our convening on October 10-11, 2018, the full findings will be released and unpacked by our distinguished fellows and leaders in the field.

The Research Collaborative, with anchor funding from the Nellie Mae Educational Foundation and additional support from the Overdeck Family Foundation, supported four research teams who conducted investigations over the last two years with some surprising and field-advancing results in student-centered learning. Through a gathering of educators, system leaders, decision makers, and funders we will explore the research findings and implications for practice and policy.

See the research findings in action:

Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative 2018 Convening
October 10-11, 2018
Providence RI, The Biltmore Hotel

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Pre-Release Highlight:

Abolishing the Phrase “I’m Just Not a Math Person”
Student-Centered Approaches to Improving Mathematical Agency
High Tech High Graduate School of Education

With an improvement science framework, the High Tech High team in collaboration with schools from four districts in San Diego County tested, refined, and spread “high-leverage” practices that reframed mathematical struggle to improve student agency and learning outcomes in math—particularly for students from traditionally marginalized groups.

Learn more about these findings from our May 2018 webinar and this in-depth article on our blog.

More Study Releases Coming Soon:

  • Learning With Others: A Study Exploring the Relationship Between Collaboration, Personalization, and Equity, Wendy Surr, Kristina Zeiser, and Olivia Briggs, American Institutes for Research
  • Implementing and Measuring the Effects of Student-Centered Learning Practices Via a Networked Improvement Community: Kristina Zeiser, Sarah Rand, Carrie Scholz and Tori Cirks, American Institutes for Research
  • Understanding Implementation of Proficiency-Based Education in Maine: Karen Shakman, Brandon Foster, Noman Khanani, Jill Marcus, and Josh Cox, Education Development Center

See these studies in action: Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative 2018 Convening October 10-11, Providence RI

About the Research Collaborative

The JFF Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative is a community of researchers, practitioners and funders who are committed to bringing evidence of what works in student-centered learning to those who can put it into action. We do this to ensure that ALL schools work for ALL kids such that gaps in opportunity, learning, and growth are eliminated.

  • Presenting research findings in formats and through channels that deliver knowledge to those who can act on it;
  • Engaging end-users from the beginning through all parts of the research process.
  • Working closely with research teams and study participants to ensure research is done with and for, not on or to stakeholders; and
  • Communicating what research can tell us — and what it can’t (yet!)

The Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative is grateful for thought leadership and anchor funding from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and additional support from the Barr FoundationCarnegie Corporation of New York, and Overdeck Family Foundation.

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