Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative

In 2016, JFF’s Students at the Center initiative announced a first-of-its-kind research collaborative that will build, define, apply, and share a robust evidence base for student-centered learning. This bold new initiative began with a core group of scholars, school leaders, policymakers, practitioners, and funders, each known for their impact and influence, coming together to clarify and catalyze the field. Their charge: to work in partnership to investigate and evaluate what we know about student-centered learning both in and beyond today’s schools, and then leverage that knowledge to affect meaningful change at scale.

The Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative is excited to release four hot-off-the-press research studies from its first round of Research Collaborative grantees. Check out the findings and the latest resources below!

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The Latest from the Research Collaborative:

blog | March 6, 2019

Finding Voice, Taking Action: Sociopolitical Development for Middle-Schoolers and Beyond

Dane Stickney

College pennants hang on the walls of a charter middle school and shout the names

blog | February 26, 2019

The Mastery Collaborative Approach: Student Centered, Culturally Responsive, and Competency-Based

Joy Nolan

All through middle school I felt like: Grades do represent who I am. You know,

blog | February 6, 2019

Making Dream Group Work an Everyday Reality

Yekaterina Milvidskaia & Daisy Sharrock

Ask math teachers what their ideal classroom looks and sounds like, and they will probably

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