Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative

The Students at the Center initiative of Jobs for the Future is excited to announce a first-of-its-kind research collaborative that will build, define, apply, and share a robust evidence base for student-centered learning. This bold new Jobs for the Future initiative began in 2016 with a core group of scholars, school leaders, policymakers, practitioners, and funders, each known for their impact and influence, coming together to clarify and catalyze the field. Their charge: to work in partnership to investigate and evaluate what we know about student-centered learning both in and beyond today’s schools, and then leverage that knowledge to affect meaningful change at scale. The Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative is grateful for thought leadership and anchor funding from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and additional support from Overdeck Family Foundation and the Barr Foundation.

The Latest from the Research Collaborative:

blog | October 13, 2017

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Karen Shakman

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Behavior Management Tools Might Not Be Best for Student-Centered Learning

Kim Carter

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blog | September 1, 2017

Do I Have a Voice? Student Ownership Drives Engagement Among Urban Youth

Jennifer Fredricks

Student disengagement is a rampant problem in our schools. It can lead to lack of