Connecting Ed and Tech: Partnering to Drive Student Outcomes

By Thomas Arnett
September 23, 2016

This case study describes the solution one charter school found to help scale up their personalized learning model through a unique partnership. Leadership Public Schools (LPS), a charter school management organization that operates high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, has developed their own technology to support personalized learning which provided students with individual lessons based on skill level and let them view and track data on their own progress. However they were having trouble expanding this technology beyond their initial pilot classrooms. Gooru, a nonprofit edtech company, felt their product which allowed teachers to curate and share collections of online educational resources aligned with specific topics was not fully meeting teacher needs. Using LPS’s emerging instructional model to guide the process, the two came together and codeveloped a technology to supports LPS’s personalized learning model and improve student outcomes.

This case study addresses issues relevant to other school and district leaders struggling with the decision to develop their own, or buy a technology solution to support personalized learning. It also includes tips for educators and edtech companies on creating positive partnerships with the goal of better aligning technology with new instructional approaches.

Source Organization: Clayton Christensen Institute

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