Policy Meets Pathways: A State Policy Agenda for Transformational Change

April 13, 2016

This report, released by Jobs for the Future, says that a decade of interventions and improvements have fallen short because states and campuses have not taken large enough steps to address their biggest challenge—helping the 12.8 million students enrolled in community colleges earn postsecondary degrees and credentials to find good jobs. The report argues that campuses and states must do more than establish metrics for success, change transfer policies, provide better academic advising, and support pilots targeting specific student subgroups.

The report challenges national leaders, state officials, and system heads to “put efforts to bolster completion on a new trajectory” by analyzing the extent to which state policies support the colleges that are trying to do right by their students, and then by designing policy environments meant to serve large percentages of low-income and nontraditional students.

Source Organization: Jobs for the Future

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