Scholars: Better Gauges Needed for ‘Mindset,’ ‘Grit’

By Sarah D. Sparks
April 20, 2016

This article, explores the concepts of “growth mindset” and ‘grit,” the reasons why these concepts are vital to modern education, and the potential errors in research methods when identifying these qualities in students. Growth mindset—the belief that intelligence and other skills are not fixed, but can be improved through effort— and grit—the ability to sustain interest over a long period and persist in a task in the face of boredom or challenges— have garnered great interest as potential levers to lift student academic achievement. The author suggests that traditional methods of studying these social-emotional skills will have to evolve in more reliable, less subjective ways if educators and policymakers expect to incorporate them validly into accountability systems and school improvement plans.

This article may be a good conversation starter for educators and school leaders around the concepts of grit and growth mindset and how to ascertain and assess these skill-sets in students, especially when thinking about strategies for school and classroom improvement.

Source Organization: Education Week

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