Strategies for Stronger Engagement

By Jennifer Fredricks

Recent statistics indicate that over half of students are disengaged in school, and teachers spend a lot of their time and energy addressing student disengagement. Is disengagement a challenge in your classroom? How can you create more engaging classrooms where deep learning occurs? How can you develop stronger relationships with all of your students? This professional development series was designed to answer these questions.

The purpose of this series is to help educators reflect on their beliefs about student engagement and increase the use of student-centered strategies that we know from research can increase the level of engagement in classrooms.

Three separate modules are included in this series:

  1. What is engagement and how can I tell if my students are engagement;
  2. What influences the level of student engagement in my classroom; and
  3. Improving relationships with all students in my classroom.

Each module includes learning objectives, individual and group activities, facilitator notes, and accompanying handouts. The activities can be personalized to a particular school and audience, and may be adapted to fit time and location constraints. Modules can be done as individual sessions or as a three-part series, and can be completed in any order. The hope is that teachers will apply these research-based practices to create student-centered classrooms where deep learning and engagement become common shared experiences for students and their teachers.

Download the Tool and Handouts

This series was developed by Jennifer Fredricks, an international expert on student engagement, and builds on professional development activities outlined in her book, “Eight Myths of Student Engagement: Creating Classrooms of Deep Learning.”

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