The Student-Centered Learning Fact Sheet Series

By Rhode Island KIDS COUNT
March 22, 2017

These four Student-Centered Learning Fact Sheets discuss RI state policies that support and/or limit the spread of student-centered learning practices, highlight best practices, and provide recommendations for expanding and strengthening student-centered learning in RI. Each of the four fact sheets aligns with each of the principles of student-centered learning outlined in the Students at the Center framework:

  • Learning is personalized
  • Learning is competency-based
  • Learning takes place anytime, anywhere
  • Students have agency and ownership over their learning

Each sheet provides a short overview of the principle with a description, examples, and list of benefits. They also include an overview of strategies being used in RI to support the principle and end with a list of recommendations to state educators and policymakers. While these sheets are designed for a RI audience; educators, policy-makers, and community members in any state can use them to gain ideas or as a model to develop a similar overview document.

Source Organization: Rhode Island KIDS COUNT

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