What REMIQS Does

What does the REMIQS (pronounced “re-mix”) do?

  • Leverages longitudinal data systems to locate extraordinary schools in ordinary settings
  • Moves beyond test scores to include: college/career readiness, school climate, cultural responsiveness,
    civic engagement, student supports, disciplinary outcomes, attendance/absenteeism, pushout/graduation rates, teacher retention/turnover, SEL, faculty/staff characteristics, advanced course enrollment, college success, etc.
  • Foregrounds equity — shows where underserved students are thriving
  • Studies in depth what makes those schools so successful
  • Changes the public conversation about what’s possible, and how to use data to get there
  • Encourages more states and districts to gather better data

This research is a joint effort of JFF and KnowledgeWorks and created by the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative.  Funding for this project is provided by the Barr Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, and Oak Foundation.

Learn more about the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative at sclresearchcollab.org.

Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative

Bridging the worlds of research, practice, and policy, the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative – launched at JFF and now at KnowledgeWorks — investigates student-centered approaches to improve outcomes for learners from all backgrounds, particularly those who have been marginalized or underserved by the current system.

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Learn more about REMIQS: In this downloadable infographic, you will find out what REMIQS is and how it works.

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