Social Justice Mathematics and Science Resources

This list is a great starting point for math and science teachers of any grade who want to make changes in their classrooms.

This list highlights resources for teaching social justice in math and science classrooms. It includes science and math lessons and other classroom resources, general social justice resources for educators, books, and more. Dr. Kari Kokka, an educator-organizer engaged in Social Justice Mathematics work and an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Pittsburgh… Read More ›

Resources for Understanding and Supporting #BlackLives Matter

These Black Lives Matter resources are curated by Dr. Tia C. Madkins from the College of Education at the University of TX at Austin.

This resource list curated by Dr. Tia C. Madkins from the College of Education at the University of TX at Austin offers a huge number of anti-racism resources. The resources are divided by categories that range from popular press articles and podcasts to culturally responsive education and resources for children. The author also provides extensive… Read More ›

Antiracism Resources for all Ages

This reading list, ranging from articles to children's books, offers a wide-range of resources focused on anti-racism.

This reading list compiled by Dr. Nicole A. Cooke from the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina, offers a wide-range of resources focused on anti-racism. They range from articles to children’s books on the topic. Any stakeholder will find great reads to further educate themselves. Source Organization: School of Library… Read More ›

Reading on Competency-Based Education

This article provides a great overview of key texts to help any educator or education leader better understand competency education. The author provides suggestions for stakeholders at different phases of implementation and understandings, including: Newcomers looking to understand competency education Districts moving to the commitment stage For those looking to anticipate issues and challenges Working… Read More ›

18 Digital Tools and Strategies That Support Students’ Reading and Writing

In this article, the Instructional Technology Specialist from Littleton, CO offers a wealth of education technology resources related to literacy development. In a presentation at the 2016 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference she presented an array of digital reading and writing tools teachers and students in her district find helpful. In her district… Read More ›

Inspire Self-Directed Learning

This article, written by an educator, shares ideas for nurturing self-directed learning in the classroom. It lays out four steps, and related resources, to get ideas and inspiration for trying the Gradual Release of Responsibility approach and Peer-to-Peer Instruction models to build student autonomy. It also includes detailed classroom tips such as relying on context… Read More ›

Five Professional Development Resources that Promote Family Engagement

This article provides advice and resources to help schools and community organizations provide high quality professional development around family engagement. The five tips covered include incorporating family engagement into professional development systematically, using digital platforms to connect with families, and providing educators with clear examples of family engagement practices. The article also describes and links… Read More ›

Personalization in Schools: Annotated Bibliography

Students at the Center defines personalized learning as learning experiences that customize education to an individual’s personal needs and interests as well as connect the individual to adults and peers in a larger community of learners. In Personalization in Schools (2012) Susan Yonezawa, Larry McClure, and Makeba Jones hone in on the aspect of personalization… Read More ›