Pittsfield Tries New Approach On Education

This radio clip from New Hampshire Public Radio features Pittsfield schools. The small district of Pittsfield adopted an approach that flips the traditional model of teaching through student-led discussion and independent projects. To learn more about Pittsfield schools, this short case study in Pioneer magazine provides a look at the school. Also check out the… Read More ›

Students LEAD

This online course was designed for high school students by the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State University to help them understand and advocate for their own learning needs.  Specifically, the course will help students: Understand their own learning and learning differences Develop and apply strategies to strengthen their own learning Gain strategies for… Read More ›

Innovative Engagement Strategies for ELA and Humanities

This resource pulls together the work of John Hardison, an interactive facilitator of learning and blended learning specialist at East Hall High School (Studio 113 & EPiCC) in Gainesville, Georgia. Hardison, a veteran teacher of English Language Arts (ELA) and the humanities, focuses on creativity, interactive structures, and student choice to bring literature to life.  The first… Read More ›

Bronx Arena High School Multimedia Monograph

This multimedia monograph features Bronx Arena High School, an innovative, competency-based school serving historically marginalized youth in New York City. The school’s mission is to empower over-age under-credited students to graduate ready for college or a career. The multimedia monograph is an interactive case study that features video interviews with students and staff.  It brings… Read More ›


This is a resource for educators interested in integrating issues of social and economic justice into their math classes and curriculum. On the RadicalMath website, visitors will find over 700 lesson plans, articles, charts, graphs, data sets, maps, books, and websites. Source Organization: RadicalMath Visit the Resource

‘Restorative Justice’ A New Approach to Discipline at School

This radio report is the second of a two-part series on restorative justice, aired on NPR’s All Things Considered radio program. The reporter sits in on a harm circle held after a fight at an Oakland, California, middle school. The report features the voices of students, parents, and educators participating in the circle and gives… Read More ›

Why is Student Voice Important in Education? (Video)

This short video produced by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation discusses the importance of including student voice in all aspects of the education they are consuming. In this dynamic video students, teachers, and administrators share their views on making education more personal, relevant, and engaging. For the general public this video is an excellent promotion for… Read More ›

Community Engagement and Student-Centered Learning

This video, which is a part of the Community Engagement series by Nellie Mae Education Foundation, discusses the many reasons why community engagement is so vital to successful student-centered learning. Source Organization: Nellie Mae Education Foundation

Supporting Language & Content Learning in Math

Patricia Segura, a 9th-grade English teacher at Fremont High School in Oakland, CA, allows viewers to spend a day in her classroom of “newcomer students.” A “newcomer student” is one who has lived in the United States for less than a year, and typically serve students from various grade levels. Segura walks viewers through the importance of supporting student… Read More ›

Author’s Purpose: Analyzing & Adapting Texts

In this video, Sean McCombe, an AVID (Advancement via Individualized Determination) teacher, walks viewers through the process of Analyzing, Composing, and Performing literature—a method he uses in his classroom when assigning his students a paper or book to read. Source Organization: Teaching Channel

Digital Learning Day—Baltimore County Public Schools (Video)

This video shows digital learning in action from the Baltimore County Schools. The schools have a one-to-one initiative known as S.T.A.T. (Students & Teachers Accessing Tomorrow), which aims to provide more than 100,000 students with a personal digital learning device by 2018. The district has combined their staff, teachers, parents, faith and community partners, business leaders,… Read More ›

Incorporating 21st Century Skills in the Classroom

Students at the Center Hub Video Tool Suite explores how teachers incorporate 21st-century skills into core subject classes. What does it look like in action? How does this help prepare students for college and career, and enrich their core subject learning?