Our Top 16 from 2016

January 6, 2017

As the excitement of the ball dropping and the year’s end fades into a cold and dreary January (at least here in Boston), we’re taking a moment to reflect and share our most-visited resources from 2016.

We’re pleased to see that so many of the most accessed resources touch on important hopes and goals for the Students at the Center Hub. Here at Students at the Center, we ground everything we do in the best available research and evidence on how students learn, what motivates them, and what they need to know to be successful in a rapidly changing world. Resources 1-7 are examples of research-backed tools to help support the need for and implementation of student-centered learning.

We also know that seeing is believing and that telling the stories of student-centered learning in action is a powerful tool for changing minds and hearts. Resources 8-11 show examples of student-centered learning in action to help inspire you as you begin a new year.

And lastly, as a clearinghouse for high-quality tools on student-centered learning, we know that educators seek resources with clear, practical, and immediate applications to the learning environment. Resources 12-16 offer practical application of student-centered principles.

Here are our top 16 resources of 2016:

  1. Competency Education Can Address Readiness Gaps—But Not Alone (blog)
  2. Educator Competencies for Personalized, Learner-Centered Teaching (resource)
  3. Putting “Career” in “College and Career Readiness”—Anytime, Anywhere Learning and the Value of Apprenticeships (blog)
  4. Student-Centered Classrooms Foster Civic & Career Readiness (blog)
  5. Students at the Center Framework Alignment Tool (resource)
  6. The Role of Digital Technologies in Deeper Learning (report)
  7. The Students at the Center Framework (framework)
  8. A Visit to YouthBuild Boston’s Designery (blog)
  9. Designing and Implementing a Student-Centered ELO Program (video tool suite)
  10. Incorporating 21st Century Skills in the Classroom (video tool suite)
  11. New York City’s School of the Future from Edutopia’s Schools That Work Series (case study)
  12. Building Support for Student-Centered Learning (toolkit)
  13. Ladder of Feedback for Classroom Observation (resource)
  14. Recognizing the importance of support staff in a student-centered school (resource)
  15. Reflection Tool for 21st Century Learning (resource)
  16. What’s Next for Maker Education? (guide)

Thank you to all of our visitors, contributors, and partners. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and educational new year!

Did you engage with any of our top resources? If so, please tell us about your experience. Have you produced or used any engaging or accessible resources in 2016? Share them with us: @StudentCntrHub.

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