Policy, Pilots and the Path to Competency-Based Education

By ExcelinEd and EducationCouncil
June 1, 2017

This report, produced by the Foundation for Excellence in Education and EducationCounsel, surveys the existing state laws and policies that support competency-based education in K-12 nation-wide. The report explores the creation of innovation and pilot programs, which can be the first step for policymakers. Pilots allow schools and local education agencies (LEAs) to harness existing flexibilities in state laws to begin the transition to competency education. The report also details the policy areas state leaders should explore when considering the changes needed to implement competency education at a larger scale. These include:

  • Provide flexibility from time-based systems in statute or rule
  • Transition to competency-based diplomas
  • Encourage policies that recognize anytime, anywhere learning
  • Facilitate acceptance of competency-based diplomas and credits by higher education
  • Design a state assessment system that supports competency-based education
  • Evolve accountability systems to support competency-based education

Each section includes examples of existing state approaches and specific policy recommendations, making this a very practical tool for state policy-makers.

Source Organization: ExcelinEd and EducationCounsel

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