Student Agency: Resource Collection

For learning environments to be truly student-centered, students must be the agents of their own learning. Educators can support this development by getting to know their students in order to choose the most relevant and engaging content and, whenever possible, giving students control over what they study and how they demonstrate mastery. Creating an engaging and safe culture of learning in which students feel comfortable making their voices heard supports students to ask questions, share and connect their own stories to relevant content and advocate for issues important to them.

Teachers can support students in exercising student agency by explicitly teaching the skills and mindsets students will need to regulate their own learning. At a systems level, school and district leaders can create opportunities to solicit student voice and institutionalize student leadership opportunities.

The following resources can help any educator build student agency. The articles, videos, podcasts and other tools are divided into four categories:

  • Engagement/Motivation
  • Self-Regulation
  • Student Voice
  • Technology

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