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Assessment Resources Bundle

Since the Students at the Center (SATC) research paper Assessing Learning was released, the literature on student-centered assessment practices has… Read More »


How Do We Teach Kids to Assess Themselves?

This article discusses the importance of student self assessment to build student agency over learning and help both teacher and… Read More »


Developing “Assessment Capable” Learners

This article in the Measuring What Matters issue of ASCD’s Educational Leadership magazine looks at the importance of including students… Read More »

An experienced science teacher describes how he uses alternative assessments in this article. He explains the system he developed to… Read More »


National Action Civics Collaborative

The National Action Civics Collaborative (NACC) brings together a group of diverse education and youth serving organizations committed to advancing… Read More »

In this article a Washington DC government teacher shares her experience using action civics in her classroom. Action civics empowers… Read More »

Tool, Website

Amplifying Student Voice

This website was designed to introduce educators to action civics. Action civics projects empower youth to become agents of change… Read More »


Student Agency Resource Bundle

For learning environments to be truly student-centered, students must be the agents of their own learning. Educators can support this… Read More »


Will Design Thinking Kill the Rubric

In this article from ASCD Education Update, the authors explore ways to assess student learning when using a design thinking… Read More »

This article in the New York Times showcases the winners of a contest asking students to connect what they are… Read More »

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